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26th July, 2016

Though I have a few different musical ideas being worked on at the moment, I am continuing to polish and release various older pieces of music. After all, I would like them to actually be heard!

The latest newly-composed tracks are a series of three in a collection called Transmission Control. This is currently only available on SoundCloud and YouTube (where you can hear all three pieces as one complete set).

On the subject of YouTube, I am starting to upload my tracks there as well. You can find my channel here.

Four additional older tracks are now available. The Last Frost is a particularly winter-inspired orchestral piece, whilst Light on the Horizon is a warm, fairly ethereal journey which hints at some of my earlier works via its instrumentation.

A Moment in Chaos was made quite a long time ago, and I kept going back to it and making changes until eventually I realised that the original version was the best. It contrasts calmness with chaos.

While the first part is currently incomplete, The World Moves on (Part 2) illustrates the melancholic feeling of under-achievement as the rest of the world makes progress.

Some New Old Pieces

2nd February, 2016

Several years ago I created a piece of music which was then lost due to a computer disk failure (ironically my backup disk had been sent off for replacement at this time!) I had small fragments of it from excerpts that I had sent to a friend, and working from these I re-made the entire thing. This version is actually a lot better than the original. It is called Mechanism and was finally released toward the end of January 2016.

If you have a copy of the "Something to Remember me by" album, you will probably be familiar with the track Beneath the Stars (this link will take you to the MP3 file as there is no detailed page about it yet). Originally this piece had no lyrics, bass or drums, and it works well in both cases so I have released an instrumental version based on how it originally sounded.

And finally (for now), you can listen to a piece entitled Starflow which is quite a gentle arrangement based loosely on the earlier Home in the Sky.

Now on SoundCloud

With the vast increase in the use of social media and music networks over the past few years, I am starting to use these more to help spread my music to those who might like to hear it.

If you enjoy hearing the music I make, please follow me and like/comment on SoundCloud.

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Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or even if you just want to show your appreciation for a particular track!

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